About The Big Picture

We all have strong opinions about social media. We all have our favorite platforms and influencers, and viral content. But one thing we can all agree on:

Social media does NOT do nuance.

Or context.

Or subtlety.

That’s what The Big Picture is for!

We will be tackling the hot button issues of the day, doing deep dives… from 30,000 feet.

We will provide the context you may have missed from that tweet that passed by in your feed.

We will explain the dynamics of complicated issues and make it clear how and why they impact us all.

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The Big Picture provides a deep dive into the cultural, political, and societal issues shaping our world today, from a variety of unique perspectives.


Admitted before the Supreme Court and 9th Circuit. A.B. In Political Science (Stanford) J.D. (UC Berkeley). Board member, Human Rights Campaign. CEO of The Social Edge. Composer of Allegiance on Broadway.
Amelia—she/her, proud Maineiac, Oglala Lakota Očeti Sakowin, Kanien'kehá:ka, Haudenosaunee and Metís Navy brat settled in the wilds of Northern Maine—writes Auntie Mavis' Musings and The Big Picture. Member Indigenous Journalists Association.
With over 60 years in the biz, the actor, activist and author isn't slowing down. His latest venture with Team Takei is The Big Picture Substack which tackles complicated issues from perspectives not often seen in MSM.
Todd Beeton is Content Director for The Social Edge where he oversees content creation for George Takei's social channels. He is a proud contributor Team Takei's new Substack, The Big Picture.