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The Screaming . .

Sorry to sigh it so baldly . . like a bowl of tossed nerve agent, scalding

But The Party of The Donald . .is Putin's hand fondled . .

and The Hamburger Room at Uvalde ..

# Truth

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Proud to be a paid subscriber of this Substack!

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Thank you!

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Great to be able to hear from you directly George!

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Thank you SOOO much for being here, George. As a first generation ABC I am so grateful that my parents immigrated to the west coast (separately to Berkeley and Redding on their own before they were 20 years old) and that they then met in SF, and I fully appreciate the life I have now because of them, despite the continued racism, sexism, and now ageism. But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in this country. Thank you also for using your celebrity to DO GOOD.

Live Long(er) and (continue to) Prosper!

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